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Blink and it’s gone!

One moment and it’s never quite the same again. 

Keith Tester and Andrea Leggett, Licentiates of the Royal Photographic Society formed Kanda Images (UK) as an outlet for our creativity. Photographically based but in no way restricted by this medium , Kanda Images are finding new ways to push the boundaries. The coast is a major inspiration and forms a large part of the gallery in the Picture Palace

Bells & Whistles is the luxury textile design area for co-ordinated, personalsed couture wedding or occasion silk fabric.

However please note that we are not wedding photographers.

Flashman Bow ties

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Contact us with any questions via email: andrea@kandaimages.co.uk or keith@kandaimages.co.uk

or Telephone: 02393 114970 or 07963 084156

Terms of Business:

Purchases to be made from this website online.  Special items will be organised by a created online link to be paid for via this website.


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